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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What Kind of Animal is In My Attic?

Scratch. Scratch. Tap. Tap. What is that sound? A common question for homeowners is, “Is there an animal in my attic?” From snakes and squirrels to raccoons and mice, many pests find refuge in attics during winter to keep warm from the colder weather. Learn what animals may be scratching in your attic at night, and what to do if you have an unwelcome visitor.


Snakes in the attic? That sounds like the next Samuel L. Jackson movie. But in reality, it could be a possibility in your home, especially during the cold season. The challenge with snakes is that they don’t make much noise, so identifying them by sound can be tricky. The best way to decipher if snakes are slithering upstairs is by finding the remnants of a snake that has recently shed its skin.


Bats are nocturnal creatures, so it’s common to find them in the dark recesses of an attic (or a bat cave if they’re also a superhero). Interestingly enough, bats make chirping noises, but the pitch is too high for the human ear to detect. Where there’s one bat, there are usually multiple. One key identifier is the sound of them rustling their wings. Bats usually leave at dusk and return at dawn, so this is the best time to listen for activity.


It’s more uncommon to find chipmunks in the attic, so if you do, chances are it’s because they got through your home’s foundation. These tiny creatures are active during the day. You will be able to hear them climbing rafters or scratching the floor when they are storing food in high places.


Some of the most common animals to hide in your attic are rats and mice. Their little bodies can squeeze through small openings, making them prime attic dwellers. Noises to listen out for would be scratching, gnawing, or pitter-patter sounds. Also, finding feces is a common sign that mice or rats may be overstaying their welcome.


Raccoons are probably the loudest animals in the bunch, and the easiest to detect. They love to create a raucous, including the sounds of heavy thumping, or tearing through nearby items stored in your attic. They’re also the most verbal of the house pests you can find. From cries, snarls, and chewing, you can easily detect their presence. Also, if you see them rifling through your trash bins, they may be making a return to your attic at night.


As one of the few non-nocturnal animals in the lineup, you’re likely to hear squirrels during the daytime. Their sharp claws can make scurrying sounds up in your attic that are easily identifiable. Also, squirrels love to roll acorns around, so you may hear the sounds of food moving. You’re not nuts if you hear the sounds of nuts being rolled around in your attic.

Don’t let animal sounds scare you off!

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