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Pest Control

Dale took his time and explained everything. He was not rushed and trying to get to his next job. Great customer service!

Debbi W.

Wildlife Control

On my way out to work Thursday morning I discovered a snake in the spare bedroom. I called Red my exterminator at Hughes, he was over in five minutes to catch and release the slithering thing.  I even made it to work on time. Thank you Red for your quick and brave response. 

Michelle M.

Pest Control

Kristine, in the office, is extremely professional, accommodating, friendly, efficient and highly competent. Keith, my technician, is punctual, professional, exceptionally knowledgeable and very thorough. Both employees are exemplary assets to the Hughes organization.

Pamela G.

Pest Control

As a Hughes customer for over a decade, I wanted to take time to let you know that my service professionals have always been very pleasant and professional. Today, George D., was by for a monthly service. He was extremely professional and spent a good amount of time trying to address and resolve some issues. He identified problem areas (i.e. Puddling that could house mosquitos) that he did not have to do. He did such a fine job that I found it worth noting and taking time to write you.

Please commend him for his great service!

Laura A.

Pest Control

I just want you to know that he was very professional and thorough.  He knows his job and you can tell he has been educated in the business.  He explained everything he was doing and why.  He also educated me about the insects that he saw while he was treating the exterior of our home.  Our service we received from him was certainly a step above the last company that we used for years.  I am so happy that I called.

Thanks again!

Kimberly M.

Pest Control

I am writing to you in regards to what a great guy Anthony is. I feel very comfortable with him in my home, and he is very respectful. He is always polite and wants to know if there is anything else he can do for me.

He takes his time with the service and checks carefully for any signs of pest/insects.  Today was the 2nd visit by him, and I would love for him to stay on my route as I think he has been covering for someone else. 

Thanks for years of great service!

Michelle C.

Termite Control

Phillip, your Renewal Inspector was just here to take good care about our home. We would like to say thank you to him and your Company.

Phillip already at his first visit made a good impression (in January). He is very customer focused-oriented, friendly and precise in what he is doing.  A good man with high dedication, someone every company would be proud of working for them.

Franz H. & Nicole S.

Termite Control

On March 3, your home evaluator, David arrived for my annual termite inspection.  I want you to know that his inspection was the most complete, thorough and educational that I have ever experienced in some 25 years as a homeowner in Naples. 

In addition to the termite inspection in my presence, he also advised my pest control inspector, Don of ant control that needed attention.  David made my day.  

David R.

Pest Control, Other Services




Lynne B.

Pest Control, Other Services

I was particularly impressed by ability in which Mark handled his job. My opinion is that he does his work so well that it bespeaks appreciation and congratulations. Your company is very fortunate to have such a hard working and dedicated member in your staff.

Carmen C.

Pest Control, Other Services

We have been customers of your office for several years. We want to make sure that this office recognizes the excellent service of their technician, Kirby who has been providing our service for several months. He is professional, courteous, always prompt and faithful in his communication to schedule appointments. Besides his efficiency he has been persistent in the rare occasion that we have had a pest problem in making sure that they were resolved with satisfaction. Please know that this communication is entirely unsolicited, but we wanted to take a moment to let you know that we feel his fine performance should be recognized.

Kenneth & Deborah S.

Home Services, Other Services

Rob was at our home on October 11th to service our yard and we wanted to let you know that he did an excellent job. About three months ago we had sod installed in the front of our home and then left on an extended vacation. When we returned, we had some questions about the best way to take care of our new lawn, as well as the rear yard, which is in poor condition and very weedy. Rob took the time to give us some tips and to explain that the front and rear yards had different type of grass, requiring different treatments. He then explained how he planned to deal with the different conditions. Because we have never lived in a southern climate, we are unfamiliar with the weeds and pests that are a problem here. His information was a big help and we very much appreciate it. Rob is an excellent representative of your company and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Don and Rea M.

Pest Control

The technician who treated the store was very professional & friendly. He even came by on his day off to check our store. Again he was very friendly & it showed that he actually cared about how well he had treated the bug problem & to see if we had seen any or had any questions. We are very happy with both the service & the staff. Keep up the great work.


Pest Control

Just a note to say how outstandingly helpful your service man who attended my home was last week. Nick took a genuine interest in my pest control problems, and spent extra time and effort to try and improve my situation. I was very appreciative and of course optimistic that it may even help my on-going problem. It is rare to have such thoughtful attention and it was a pleasure to have him visit my home. You are lucky to have him as an employee.

Mary H.

Pest Control, Other Services

I wanted to let you know that Leslie is doing a great job for Hughes. Every time I ask for a follow up she is always willing to help and has an answer the same day. She is always eager to help which is such a plus! I hope she continues to work this diligently as she makes my life easier.

Cathy J.

Pest Control, Other Services

It is rare that I take the time to compliment, in writing, a subcontractor that I've hired to provide a service. This is well deserved.

Your team reminds me of the way everyone used to be 30 plus years ago. Each one had a smile in their voice, happy to be of assistance and most of all very competent in their task.

It has been a long 13 months finding a new home and working with less than average mortgage people. At the last minute I was advised that I needed a termite inspection within a few days in order to keep the scheduled closing date. I recalled that I used Hughes 5 or 6 years ago with a positive response so I called the local office again.

The young gal, Patty, that answered the phone was so helpful, pleasant and extremely informative. She asked me if I wanted the technician to call when he was on his way, which is a rare service with most companies. The gentleman that came out, Don, had a wonderful laugh, happy disposition and extremely polite demeanor. When I thanked him for his excellent service he said he strives to provide the best service possible. I'm here to say he did, over and above my expectations. The gal (Melanie) that forwarded my report to me via email was so very sweet "in writing" in her email. Offered to be of assistance and made sure I had everything I needed. Emails can be interpreted many ways and she was one of the best.

My kudos to the staff you have on your team at this location. I'm very happy that I have moved close by so that I can hire them for my interior pest treatment. They make a person want to become your client.

Congratulations. A job well done with the utmost professionalism.

Pat K.

Termite Control

I wanted to be sure to send you an email regarding the above Hughes location in Port Charlotte Florida. We recently purchased a home for investment purposes, with the intent to retire there in the future. Not knowing a single person in that area put us at somewhat of a disadvantage, however, because of my association with Arrow, I was able to contact the Port Charlotte office for assistance.

Colin went "above and beyond" for us. He quickly did the inspection, (we had 10 days to close after contract) and scheduled the Sentricon and initial pest control for the brief window of time my husband was available, this past Wednesday. Jeffrey and Todd came out promptly at the scheduled time and took care of everything. My husband said they were terrific and very professional. Kia, in the office has been a delight!

We have had Arrow Exterminators as our pest control company for the past 19 years in Roswell, and we are very happy to be able to continue our relationship in Florida. 

Kudos to everyone in Port Charlotte for a job well done!!

Debra R.

Pest Control, Other Services

We cannot tell you how impressed we are with Robbie. Robbie has been one of the very best people that we have ever dealt with as a company representative. He is that rare to find individual, whose work ethic and professional attitude make doing business a pleasure. These are traits that are not often found in today's business world.

We would also like to acknowledge the importance of Michelle. She was always helpful, professional and courteous. Michelle was instrumental in scheduling our service, and keeping us advised. You have an outstanding team in Bradenton.

We have recommended Hughes Exterminators to our condo board of directors. We hope that when new contracts are considered, that our board will select Hughes. We would recommend Robbie and Hughes to anyone. Thanks for your time.

Mr. & Mrs. V.

Pest Control, Other Services

Norman is great. His courtesy and thorough service is greatly appreciated.

James L.

Pest Control

Just a quick note to let you know that our German roach problem has gotten so much better. The tech you sent us did a wonderful job. I would have mentioned it sooner but I haven't seen any roaches to remind me. Thank you so much. He was great.

Kathy M.

Pest Control, Other Services

I started using your company about a year ago, and want you to know that Fran is so helpful.  She is very courteous and very professional.

John G.

Pest Control

We want you to know how much we appreciated you helping us out with our crazy ant problem. You went above and beyond and that is a rare thing in today's world. Thank you so much.

Tony & Vicki S.

Pest Control, Other Services

Eric is very polite, trustworthy and seems to enjoy what he does.

Mary Jane T.

Home Services

Thank you Frances for being so sweet to me on the telephone while trying to help me set up our prices for our rental property. Thank you for your help and for all your kindness.

Ian, Holly & Family