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Termite Damage & Solutions


The Termite Problem

Florida is the ideal habitat for a nasty and destructive pest: termites. Just one queen can produce thousands of eggs per day and once these little bugs start moving — they start eating.

Termites cause considerable damage to homes by consuming structural timbers, framing, furniture and hardwood flooring. Once a homeowner notices cosmetic damage, bug droppings, mud tubes or discarded wings in their house, there may already be extensive harm to your property. Stay ahead of any potential issues with an annual termite inspection from a licensed professional at Hughes Exterminators.

Termites live in colonies and work together to find viable sources of food and multiply. Depending on the condition of the wood in your home, there are multiple types of termites that can attack.

Subterranean termites will inhabit the soil beneath your home and devour soft, moist wood. They are most prevalent in warmer climates, and Florida is one of their favorite destinations.

Drywood termites, on the other hand, live above ground and only need to consume the wood in your home to survive. They prefer to attack the framing and timbers of your property.

Formosan termites are highly adaptive and equally destructive with a unique ability to develop cartons (nests) for their colony to survive.

Dampwood termites love moist, decaying wood. Luckily, infestations in Florida homes are rare.

These terrorizing pests covertly enter homes many different ways, including foundation cracks, roof vents, foam insulation and many other spots near wood. If your home has inadequate ground clearance, puddles will form near your foundation, and termites will find a tiny opening to move in, rent-free.

If colonies of termites camp out in your home for too long, they can cause considerable damage to the interior structure of your property.

The Hughes Solution

Hughes Exterminators offers superior termite inspection services in Florida with non-evasive, environmentally friendly methods. We conduct a thorough inspection and use advanced termite detection to assess the condition of your home. We will record a detailed termite inspection report and determine the earth-to-wood contact on your property.

How Often Should I Have a Termite Inspection?

We recommend homeowners have an annual termite inspection letter to stay ahead of any potential issues. This report will detail the presence of active or previous infestations from these nasty pests. We will take care of protecting your home’s value and health by following our advanced protocol. Just like a routine check up with a doctor, a termite inspection letter will update you on the condition of your house’s health.

The Sentricon System

Licensed professionals at Hughes Exterminators expertly pinpoint hot zones where termites may enter or have entered. Our solution is the most efficient and tireless worker on the market: the Sentricon System

When termites ingest the Recruit HD bait, the worker termites distribute it to the rest of the colony, eliminating the entire colony. These termite baiting stations are always active. Best of all, once your problem colony is eliminated, the Sentricon System continues to guard your property from future termite intruders. Sentricon requires no drilling in the floors, no trenching and no scheduling hassles for installation.

We recommend annual termite inspection reports from the professionals here at Hughes Exterminators. Contact us for a free, no-obligation home evaluation today.

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