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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hughes Exterminators March Pest Madness Bracket Challenge

What do pests and basketball have in common? They both go mad in March! As temperatures rise, so does the likelihood of pests causing problems for homeowners in our area.

To tipoff this spring pest season, Hughes Exterminators created a unique bracket where annoying, irritating and all around exasperating pests are facing off in head-to-head matchups and you can help determine the most maddening pest of all.

From now until April 6, you can vote on head-to-head matchups on Facebook & help us award this year's most maddening pest!

The good news is, when the games are over, these pests will all be losers as Hughes Exterminators helps you win the battle against these and other pests all year long.

Click here to make your picks today!