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Summer Ants

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Different Ants You're Sure to See This Summer

Summer brings with it all sorts of bugs, but none are as populous as the ant. If you see one, there are sure to be others and their easy-to-spot anthills are found on lawns all over. Having a summer BBQ? Ants will probably make an appearance. They’re small, but strong workers with over 12,000 known species, so you can bet on seeing a few different ones this summer. Read ahead to find out which ones you can expect to see and what you can do to prevent them from crashing your summer shindigs.

Odorous House Ant

These tiny black and brown ants may not look particularly distinguishable, but once you step on one, you’ll be able to tell that you’re dealing with Odorous House Ants. They emit a rotten, coconut-like scent when crushed making them especially bothersome to deal with. They prefer humid weather, so you can see them after a summer rain. You may spot them in your pantry looking for sweets and they’re known to invade food storage.

Red Imported Fire Ants

The Red Imported Fire Ant is a kind of fire ant with a bite that’s particularly painful. Common in the west and south, they build their nests not too far from homes and buildings so they can crawl in through any small, open space. They travel in large numbers, so if you see one, there’s probably a nest nearby. As known scavengers, they’ll eat anything they can get a hold of, especially greasy food, sweets and even other insects.

Little Blacks Ants

Judging by their name, you’d think these little guys are harmless, but because of their small size, you can actually have a summertime invasion before you even know it. They love wooded areas and in homes tend to congregate near old or decaying wood structures and fixtures. They’re not picky eaters and will snack on everything from pantry snacks to plant secretions.

Pavement Ants

Planning on having dinner on your patio this summer? You just might see a pavement ant. These critters live near homes — think driveways, patios and sidewalks — and can sneak through any cracks. What keeps them around is readily available food.

How do I deter summertime ants?

  • Keep trash and waste away from entrances to your home, and make sure trash bins are covered
  • Secure all food to prevent it from attracting ants into your house
  • Wipe up kitchen and sink counters after use as  ants are always looking for water sources


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