Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Arrow Exterminators Family of Brands Hosts Annual Fiscal Year Kickoff Meeting

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators recently held the company’s annual Fiscal Year Kickoff meeting at The Grand Hyatt in Atlanta, Georgia. With 300 team members in attendance, the two-day event celebrated achievements from the prior fiscal year including a record-breaking milestone of achieving double digit revenue growth for the eighth year in a row. The meeting also focused on a strong start to the 2018-2019 fiscal year and introduced the internal fiscal year “What’s Next!” theme.

An exciting announcement was also made at the meeting as the company introduced Arrow’s new Vision and Mission statements that more clearly reflect the direction of the company. “A vision and mission statement are intended to be both an aspirational and inspirational guide for internal decision making,” said Emily Thomas Kendrick, President, and CEO.  “We thought it was important to highlight the importance of protecting the Arrow family culture, providing an awesome customer experience, creating new opportunities for future Rock Stars, and working with a clear conscience.  It’s simply what we do!”

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to a leadership and motivational workshop hosted by Mark Miller, author of the bestselling book, Talent Magnet. “Mark Miller’s workshop was the perfect fit for Arrow as he emphasized what it takes to attract and keep the best people for your organization,” said Tim Pollard, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “The focus on attracting top talent with a better boss, a brighter future, and bigger vision resonated with our team and the managers left motivated and a renewed sense of commitment.”