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Pest Editorial Calendar

Check out Hughes Exterminators' editorial calendar for tips and ideas to include pests in your stories and the best time of year to cover certain pests.


  • New Year's Resolutions for a healthier life and healthier home - clean-up the kitchen, toss old foods and get rid of those pantry pests


  • Cockroaches - a catalyst for serious Asthma attacks, especially for infants and children


  • Termites - what every homeowner should know about these destructive pests
  • Spring pest proofing - keep pests out with simple fixes around the house


  • Fire Ants - look out for those tell-tale mounds around your home's foundation to avoid painful stings
  • Scorpions - as temperatures heat up, these potentially lethal pests appear in the Phoenix area
  • Sustainability/Earth Day - Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the most environmentally responsible approach to pest control


  • Biting insects - fleas, ticks, mosquitoes... keeping your family and pets healthy in the summer
  • Snakes - Poisonous snakebites prevalent problem, especially involving children, in Phoenix area


  • Spiders, fleas, ticks - spring cleaning tips to keep pests out of the home


  • Ants - The United States' most common and problematic pest
  • Africanized Honey Bees - "Killer bees" very common in the Phoenix area


  • Stinging insects - painful stingers, especially the ever-annoying ground bees, send 500,000 to the ER each year in the U.S.


  • Bed bugs - don't bring home these blood-sucking souvenirs from your summer vacation and be on the look out for them as students head to college dorms
  • Fall pest proofing - keep pests out with simple fixes around the house


  • Nuisance wildlife - how to stop creatures from getting inside your home or encroaching on your property


  • Winter pest proofing - keep pests out with simple fixes around the house


  • Holiday pests - how to keep unwanted house guests out, who are attracted to the extra food and garbage the holidays can bring
  • Rodents - when they want to come in and get out of the cold