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Pest Control and Termite Home Inspection Services for Real Estate

It is common practice for a  home to undergo a traditional home  inspection before the sales process is finalized. However, a termite home inspection to ensure there isn't a potential problem  is just as critical to protecting your  buyer's interest.

Only licensed structural pest and termite control companies like Hughes Exterminators can perform an official termite inspection and secure an official Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report to put your buyer's mind at ease.

After all, a real estate agent is responsible for making sure that their buyer's dream home doesn't turn into a termite-infested nightmare in the future.

Termite Inspection Guarantees Don't Protect Real Estate Against Other Wood Destroying Insects

Many homes for sale come with some type of "Termite Guarantee."  However, subterranean termites aren't the only pests that pose potential problems to the structural integrity of a new home. There are other threats like powder post beetles, drywood termites, wood borers and other pests that could cause substantial damage.

Our whole-home termite inspection services can identify any existing or potential infestations for all types of wood destroying organisms, plus help identify other conditions that may cause problems in the future.

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Many states require a complete termite and wood destroying inspection before property can be transferred to a new owner. The professionals at Hughes Exterminators are ready to help.

Call 1-877-GO-HUGHES to schedule a comprehensive home inspection today.



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