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The Best Florida Home Pest Control Solutions

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In Florida there are many pests that homeowners encounter such as roaches, mosquitoes and ants, to name a few. Home pest control services are important to prevent serious health concerns for your family and to protect your home or business from potential damage. Our experienced pest exterminators will assess your home and explain the home bug control services that best suits your needs, walking you through our pest control recommendations step-by-step. Our exterminators go through extensive training and have the expertise to ensure that unwanted pests are eliminated and will not cause future problems.

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Introducing The Preferred Method For Total Pest and Bug Control

Since 1964, Hughes Exterminators has been going "Beyond the Call" by providing the best pest control services in Florida for our client's homes and businesses. Our service professionals are trained and licensed to prevent common bugs and household pests from disrupting your way of life and damaging your property.

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as part of our STEPS® Total Protection System since it is widely accepted as the most environmentally-friendly approach to pest control. This three-step process includes:

  1. Inspecting and identifying the pest(s) in question.
  2. Determining the root cause of the pest control issues.
  3. Using the most environmentally friendly ways to find both the solution to the current problem, as well as implementing preventative measures to ensure that pests don't return.


Hughes Exterminators' pest prevention services are designed with your health and the health of your family in mind. By using our home pest control solutions, you will receive unmatched protection with the most environmentally responsible services available.

Our STEPS® Total Protection System ensures that all of our Florida home pest control services are fully guaranteed. Our customers are important to us, and we are extremely proud of the fact that we always strive for the utmost in quality and professionalism.

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