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Bradenton Lawn Pest Control

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For complete aphid control, grub treatment, mole cricket control, and more

Bradenton gardens and lawns are known for blooming lushly all year round, but many pests threaten their beauty, including aphids, chinch bugs, grubs, mites, and more.

Hughes Exterminators in Bradenton specializes in all forms of ornamental & lawn pest control, including aphid treatment, chinch bug control, mole cricket and grub control and more. Read the sections below to find out more about our unmatched lawn pest control services.

Bradenton Aphid Treatment & Whitefly Control

Aphids and whiteflies pose a serious threat to ornamentals and many annuals in your garden by feeding on tender plant parts such as fresh spring growth & flower buds. Aphids also have the ability to transmit viruses, which can cause plants to die.

Controlling or getting rid of aphids and whiteflies requires an expert aphid treatment and whitefly control program. As part of the STEPS Total Protection System, Hughes Exterminators in Bradenton offers the most complete aphid control and whitefly control program, to protect the ornamentals and annuals in your garden. Call Hughes Bradenton today for the most thorough and high-quality aphid treatment, aphid control and whitefly control program available.

Bradenton Chinch Bug Control and Chinch Bug Treatment

Chinch bugs cause serious damage to turf grass, such as St. Augustine, causing the grass to turn yellow and die.

Hughes Exterminators offers comprehensive Bradenton chinch bug control and chinch bug treatment solutions designed to protect your lawn from these damaging pests. Our top-of-the-line Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach includes:

  • emphasis on lawn pest control, including chinch bug treatment
  • identification of trouble spots where chinch bug control is needed
  • the most environmentally responsible chinch bug control methods

Bradenton Mite Treatment & Scale Prevention

Mites and scale generally affect your ornamental plants year round. Scale insects suck the juices out of ornamental plants causing damage. Mites can also attack grasses, sucking sap and even killing plants in severe cases.

Hughes Exterminators in Bradenton applies comprehensive mite control and scale control methods, which include:

  • identifying the conditions that cause mite and scale insect attacks and the areas that require scale prevention and mite treatment
  • thorough scale control and mite treatment to eliminate current problems and prevent a recurrence
  • the most environmentally responsible mite treatment and scale control methods to restore the health and vigor of your ornamental plants

Bradenton Mole Cricket Control and Mole Cricket Extermination

Mole crickets are most common in the hot and rainy season, tunneling through the soil near the surface of your lawn, loosening the soil and killing the grass by uprooting it or drying out its root system. They also feed on the roots of the grass.

That's why expert mole cricket prevention and mole cricket treatment may be essential to preserving the vitality of your lawn and garden.

Hughes Exterminators in Bradenton provides the highest level of expertise and experience in mole cricket prevention, mole cricket control, and mole cricket extermination.

Bradenton Thrip Control and Mealy Bug Treatment

Thrips and mealy bugs are small insects that suck fluids from the leaves and stems of ornamental plants. Hughes Exterminators in Bradenton offers extensive experience and expertise in thrip control, mealy bug control, and mealy bug treatment. If you suspect that thrips or mealy bugs may be attacking your garden in Bradenton, call Hughes Exterminators for the most comprehensive thrip control and mealy bug control solutions.

Bradenton Caterpillar Control & Grub Treatment

Grubs and caterpillars, most common during the spring and fall, can cause major damage to turf grass by eating the roots, shoots and blades of grass. If you need grub treatment or caterpillar control to protect your lawn, call the experts at Bradenton Hughes Exterminators. We offer the most comprehensive caterpillar control, grub control, and grub treatment solutions in Bradenton and beyond.

Bradenton Lawn Pest Control You Can Trust

The professionals at Hughes Exterminators are experienced and highly trained in sod web worm, army worm and chinch bug treatment, mole cricket extermination, and all other types of lawn pest control.

With the STEPS Total Protection System, all of our Bradenton lawn pest control services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our sterling reputation in lawn pest control by standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

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